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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. – Nelson Mandela

Education Charities Supported

Education. Opportunity. Transformation.
Charity Navigator Score: 90.85
Website: Monarch School Project
Help us help kids know more
Charity Navigator Score: 97.77
Website: NEA Foundation
Autism is treatable
Charity Navigator Score: 92.18
Website: Autism Research Institute
Supporting young artists as they pursue their dreams
Charity Navigator Score: 94.93
Website: National Young Arts Foundation

Investment Impact Process

EQM Capital’s Investments4Impact Education portfolio consists of the top 30 ranked stocks in a proprietary universe of companies identified by EQM Capital as being involved in education and/or supporting educational infrastructure. Stocks in the investable universe are ranked by EQM Capital’s quantitative model based on a blend of dynamic Fundamental and Market Sentiment factors including:

The portfolio is actively managed and rebalanced on a monthly basis.