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Identify investment opportunities within specific impact areas with the goal of generating better than market* returns.

*As defined by the return of the S&P 500 Index over a full market cycle.



Blend financial impact and social impact. Invest in areas that support your personal values and charitable giving goals.

Health & Wellness

Invests in companies involved in the research, treatment and healing of diseases and disorders.

Invest in companies performing important medical research and therapeutic benefits.

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Green Initiatives

Invests in companies dedicated to sustainable and environmentally friendly business pursuits.

Invest in companies positively impacting the environment and reducing their carbon footprint.

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Social Responsibility

Invests in companies within the MSCI KLD 400 Social Index, comprised of the 400 U.S. companies with the highest ESG rating.*

Invest in companies dedicated to diversity, inclusion, sustainability, and positive social change.

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Invests in companies that support education and educational endeavors.

Invest in companies that support education, educational endeavors, and technological and social progress.

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Portfolios are available for investment through EQM Capital LLC. For more information, click here.

*MSCI ESG Research generates a rating of each company’s management of the impact of its Environmental (E), Social (S) and Governance (G) activities.




Making a difference, one portfolio at a time.

Creating Value that is a Force for Impact

By aligning investment strategies with charitable giving, you can make a difference in the impact areas that matter to you most.

Half of your investment management fee* will be contributed to the impact area(s) you designate.

 *Fees will vary based on amount invested.


Tax Considerations

Find out more about the tax benefits of aligning your investing and charitable giving.

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